Engagement Ring to Warm Her Heart

Valentine is but a day and the chocolates are gone time to celebrate you engagement with a Solitaire so bright, it outshines a star for all eternity and captures loves heart.

It has been many years since I have photographed diamonds for Edinburgh jeweller Hamilton and Inches. I had a very short time to do this project and a difficult subject, but as a wedding photographer I thought that is good to be associated with a retailer of beautiful engagement and wedding rings.
Although the concept is a simple one, chocolates tray empty except a  stunning round brilliant cut Solitaire ring. The set up was rehearsed before arriving at the store and lighting was a mix of flash and long exposure using an led torch to give that bust of light. I used Nikon's creative lighting system for ease and portability on location. I use this system on weddings for speedy set ups.
Finally I combined the basic image with the flare of light and blended with red and purple colour effects for the background.
This ring is a 1.65 ct diamond set in platinum valued at £27,500 for someone very special.

Congratulations on your engagement.

Special thanks to Stephen Paterson and his team at Hamilton and Inches for their assistance.

Beautiful solitaire diamond engagement ring. 

Beautiful solitaire diamond engagement ring.