Did you know “not all that is said is spoken”?

 Please note I am no longer booking weddings and currently working

on a new Boudoir Photography website.

Your wedding is an exiting event in your life, you have experienced months of planning, agonising, putting your heart and soul into choosing the best venue or  location an amazing wedding dress, it stands to reason that you need a photographer that will empathise with your situation, be diplomatic with family and friends whilst showing sympathy to your needs.

I want my photography to help you discover yourself and the beauty of your love for each other.


It is so important that you a relaxed and enjoying yourselves, because this often produces real emotions which will show in your photographs. What if you are understandably nervous about the photography, I know it is hard to visualise yourself in other brides’ weddings images, so allow me to demonstrate with an engagement session. Many couples agree that this helps break the ice and enables us to get to know each other.This will boost your self confidence which helps me achieve photographs that resonate with how you are feeling, pictures that will bring tears to your eyes when you look back to the day you were married.


We will work together sharing ideas for great images and you will soon discover how good you will look in your album photographs and more, create wedding photography that is unique to you, after all “not all that is said is spoken”.


My photography is a relaxed documentary style, allowing time to capture many informal pictures of the guests as your day unfolds, 

Ivor Tetteh-Lartey Photography is a member of pro-imaging.org International support for professional image creators.

"Dear Ivor,
Thank you so much for the fabulous photography before and during our wedding. The photos are wonderful, so special and you captured the day in such a unique and imaginative way. I also enormously appreciated your sensitivity to us all, whether it was taking unobtrusive shots in the church, managing to take the whole wedding party making David and I feel relaxed and working to Dad's schedule....." Alice and David Perthshire. more here

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